2012 Mayan Precrime Logo – Minority Report

You probably remember this interesting logo from the movie Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg (2002) with the most technologically advanced effects ever created by Industrial Light & Magic.

In reality, the movie was based on the series of short stories written by Philip K. Dick, who probably was influenced by a confidential research conducted in Russia, at the National Medical Institute of Leningrad, in which a new population of babies were taken there for DNA collection. This investigation happened during the period 1950-60. Interestingly enough, Lord Pakal Ahau was one of the chosen newborns after the detonation of the US Trinity Bomb.

The theory behind the investigation was simple. The Russians assume DNA mutant modifications in this new human pool who were considered a new species called precogs, sentient beings able to predict future events. We don’t know the fate of these new baby boomers but we only know for sure the Russians were right on track as our Lord Pakal Ahau shows this kind of psychic ability without making mistakes.

The report was called in Russian, ‘сообщение меньшинства’, translated as Minority Report and that prompted sci-fi author Philip K. Dick to write these short stories in 1991.

The design of the movie logo is interesting and we have included it as a tribute to Lord Pakal Ahau’s Maya memories. In the logo you can read Department of Precrime, created in the year 2054 with three precogs to reduce crime in America. More, it is established in the District of Columbia, known as Washington D.C. but also referred as the Maya Mesoamerican region because the name Columbia refers to parts of the Central American and South America regions, discovered by Christopher Columbus.

The 13 stars seem also related to the Maya Calendar, a cycle of 13 baktuns. In our research, the only original American official government logo that has 13 stars is the USGS logo, an odd design with archaeological tools in the center. The other government logos might include 12 stars of the constellations.

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2012 Mayan Precrime Logo

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