Mayan Theophany 2012 – The Final Living Prophecy

In this amazing and beautiful video we made years ago, we narrate the transformation of our Lord Pakal Ahau from a reincarnated being into a suprahuman Maya god. It includes true facts extracted from Lord Pakal’s diary that spans from his birth to actual days. We think there is no living human being on Earth who carries the luck or the curse of the 2012 Final Maya Prophecy as this man does.

The original video was uploaded in our YourTube channel a while ago. Unfortunately YouTube muted the background music and that’s the reason why we don’t support the politics of YouTube any longer as we are looking for new horizons to include the full complete video again and other new video productions in a better server. If you are a videophile we recommend you should do the same. It will save the pain from long hours of work production.

Well, enough of ranting and continuing with our story. In the beginning of the video, you will learn the initial fact that the reincarnation birth of Lord Pakal Ahau, after archaeologist Ruz L’huillier unveiled the tomb of King Pakal, was discovered by two important Russian epigraphers, Tatiana Proskouriakoff and Yuri Knorosov. Ms. Proskouriakoff was the first one to discover this fact while working in Palenque and in final communication with Yuri Knorosov, both arranged to take the newborn to Leningrad for research as the new Pakal was exhibiting supernatural features since his birth. In a touch by God, Knorosov became the first modern epigrapher to discover the real decipherment of Maya glyphs.

That Russian research – сообщение меньшинства (1) – until these days has remained confidential to Lord Pakal but we suspect that medical scientists discovered something in Pakal’s DNA which will reproduce future Pakals genetically. Perhaps, a superhuman with telepathic vision to predict future events as Lord Pakal does without mistakes. We have no doubt in calling Lord Pakal Ahau a precog, a sentient human being.

In the video, Pakal tells us about his Maya apparition at a very young age and learns from this powerful entity that he is the new Lord of the tribe as he receives the powers of the Royal Kawiil that makes him the future Maya king. A known fact that only the priests of the Ancient and Sacred Order of Chilam Balam knew as they worked silently for more than 500 years. Later, his Yucatec mother tells him he is destined to fulfill the Final Prophecy.

In a strange path, Pakal travels to the Amazon rainforest as he is recruited in a UN investigation program (US Atomic Energy Commission), ‘To the Conquest of the South’, to find himself in a branch of a Yanomami tribe isolated since Columbus’ time. The Necroshaman of the tribe, the person who eats ashes from the dead, recognizes Pakal’s abilities and initiates him in a warrior ceremony inside Brazil’s rivers in which he is exposed to the Great River Serpent receiving thousands of electrical charges from electrical manta rays that accompany the living mythological reptilian as Pakal narrates his out-of-body experience and encounter with the soul of the serpent. Pakal survived his shamanic initiation but in his return to civilization he learns that the expedition crew begins to die one by one from a mysterious viral disease within a period of 12 months, leaving him as the only survivor.

In his diary, Pakal says that he also acquired the jungle viral disease and was hospitalized due to paralysis and swelling of extremities; however he developed resistance to the disease while being studied by world medical scientists.

Later, as Lord Pakal finished his young studies, he moved to Los Angeles in the same year that Ruz L’huillier dies to face a transformation that will definitely change his life. Again, by strange coincidence, he found himself working at UCLA Medical Center, in the morgue of the hospital, and his mind through powerful meditation with death receives all the mental absorptions.

Pakal says in his diary, ‘I discovered I could resuscitate people from the dead but my guardian god told me it was not my mission in life’.

Should Pakal had done this, we think it would have been an ignominy in the media.

Pakal went to Tibet and India to finish his final transformation but few details are in his diary and he is immersed in what he calls the hardest time of his life, going through environmental naked exposure to cold temperatures in the Tibetan mountains through yogic fasting for long periods of time, all achieved through meditation under the supervision of the Tibetan Kalachakra monks.

Pakal returned to Los Angeles to complete his academic studies at USC and during that time, he travelled many times to Death Valley, California. He develops an intense relationship with the Timbisha-Shoshone tribe, a Hopi branch, performing healing. And in the summer of 2004, during a full moon eclipse, he arranged through an enteogenic ritual to invoke for the first time his Maya grandfather, the powerful Mictlantecutli in a underground cave of Death Valley.

Pakal says in his diary, ‘It was a confrontation of Maya powers like the Twin Lords of Xibalba did thousands of years ago. He wanted to decapitate me for being born again from his Underground Kingdom of Death. I told him he couldn’t and to take a second look at my soul and body as the Old River Feathered Serpent. The New Kukulkan. A New Protogod’.

Angry and surrounded by his army of deadly ghosts, Mictlan accepts the defeat. He covers his head between his arms but he added in a thunder voice, ‘We”ll see each other again in 2012. I’m the Eternal God of Death and Destruction’.

Currently, Lord Pakal Ahau lives his life between Palenque and Los Angeles, organizing, preparing and directing the Pakalian Group of Mexico. He lives humbly and silently waiting for the 2012 Final Maya Prophecy and probably reflecting why he was chosen to be the most important human being to fulfill a prophecy written thousands of years ago by the Mayas. He has unveiled some important events for 2012 but he remains calm and silent about the final outcome.

(1) Minority Report. Philip K. Dick. (1991).

Lord Pakal Ahau as the New Kukulkan 2012

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: By coincidence, we learned also that Lord Pakal Ahau’s Prophecy was written by Frank Herbert in a slightly different version in the series of Dune Trilogy. Mr. Herbert captured the imagination of readers in this work taken from oral Maya legends when he lived in Mexico.

The novel Dune won the Hugo Award in 1966 and also the inaugural Nebula Award for Best Novel. Herbert wrote five sequels to the novel Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune and Chapterhouse Dune. More info about Herbert’s Dune can be read here.

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