3D Mayan Renderosity Model for Michael 3 – Our Review

We found this 3D Mayan set of 20 small props at Renderosity, which the accessories are being sold for $5. Although we appreciate the good work and inspiration, we have bad news for the designer who is confused with our Mesoamerican cultures.

The props in question are not influenced by Maya looks. It has a similar look to the Aztec culture. To be more correct to the Mexica one. Here is what Renderosity advertises in their website. The accessories are made by Jancory and characters by Syltermermaid.

3D Maya Accessories For Michael 3 To be true to our Maya culture, we have included our design. Something a little more complicated to do in 3D. A big reason why we haven’t committed ourselves to a 3D project of this nature.

Maya Design 2012

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