2012 And Every Winter Solstice Until 2049 – Our Season Chart

As Mayas we follow the harvesting seasons including equinoxes and solstices, so we decided this year to calculate all the solar/lunar seasons until 2049 and compile it in a chart should you follow our calendar toward 2012 and beyond.

Below you’ll find our chart and celebrate the greatest dates in our Maya calendar with the equivalence in the Gregorian calendar. Enjoy it!

2000-2049_Equinox/Solstice CalculatorNOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In our Maya Long Count Calendar, the important dates for 2012 are as follow since Creation Date August 13, 3114 BC:

March Equinox (Mar 20) – – 12 Ik 10 Kumk’u
June Solstice (Jun 20) – – 13 Ix 17 Sotz’
September Equinox (Sep 22) – – 3 Lamat 11 Ch’en
December Solstice (Dec 21) – – 2 Etz’nab 1 K’ank’in

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