2012: The Return of Our Maya King

We found this beautiful image from the reconstruction that our Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) made of King Hanab Pakal and his tomb. The physical features are so eerie when one compares with the living Lord Pakal Ahau.

The image is absolutely fantastic, taken by Michael Sherer in 2009. However, the story does not stop here because according to our Maya legend this reconstruction also involves the Chilam Balam prophecy that one day our Maya king will return to us in 2012. And this is why believe our Lord Pakal Ahau is the right reincarnation of King Pakal. This fact has been tested and retested since Lord Pakal Ahau was born in 1952 at the time of the tomb discovery. The Maya reincarnation process and testing is very similar to the Dalai Lama’s.

We cannot wait to show to Lord Pakal this picture. Currently, he is in meditation retreat as it is required in our culture from the most powerful Maya shamans until Winter Solstice 2009, alone in a secret place, probably facing demons and angels, but gaining the necessary strength to accomplish what 2012 is all about.

Thanks Mr. Sherer for this wonderful gift. We appreciate it as members of the Pakalian Group of Mexico. May the spirits awaken!


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