2012 Reminder: The Big Event Has Not Happened Yet

Now that Emmerich’s ‘2012’ movie is out with good reviews, our Lord Pakal Ahau would like to remind you that the big event in real time has not happened yet; however, he will not tell anyone the outcomes of the final 2012 Mayan Prophecy. So, be prepared.

As a side note, we also would like to direct your attention to our new 2012 designs. Here is a good collage of the most recent designs we have prepared in high resolution, vector quality. They are the best designs you can find in the Maya field as we are the original creators of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. (I guess Emmerich can thank us for making him popular again). Click this link to visit our central store and find your thrills for your Maya collection. See you on December 21, 2012 with more news.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Here is an interesting 2012 quote that we have translated from Lord Pakal Ahau’s website, The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century, written in Spanish in 2004. It’s an amazing quote that Pakal wrote to the Spanish Prince of Asturias for his wedding.

“I was not born to clear real dynasties and kingdoms between nations. That’s the story of the common man to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. The destiny of men, women and children is my pact with the land and for this the Eternal Father uses his blood designs until the work has been finished forever.” (Lord Pakal Ahau. 2004).

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