Best 2012 Movie Sony Design – 13:20 Maya Calendar

This loading design in Sony’s 2012 movie deserves some appreciation because the illustrators got it right finally. We think the design was in response to our post 2012 Movie – Wrong Symbol in Teaser Trailer, where they confused the Aztec Ollin symbol with our Maya calendars.

The new design is really beautiful and it represents the Maya 13:20 divinatory year calendar which consists of 260 days. Sometimes referred as the Tzolkin calendar.

The Tzolkin calendar has a a numbered week of 13 days, in which the days were numbered from 1 to 13 and a named week of 20 days, in which the names of the days were a Tzolkin date as a combination of two “week” lengths.

While our Gregorian calendar uses a single week of seven days, the Maya calendar uses two different lengths of week.

This 260-day cycle also has good-luck or bad-luck associations connected with each day, and for this reason, it became known as the “divinatory year.” The “years” of the Tzolkin calendar are not counted.

Congratulations to Sony for a work well done about one of our Maya calendars. The best we have seen.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: As a trivia note, this new Sony design included an interesting hidden code in the center of the calendar. One of the variants of the glyph Cimi which is our Lord Pakal Ahau’s reincarnation glyph. The Cimi glyph is associated with resurrection and death.


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