A New 2012 Mayan Code From Lord Pakal Ahau

Lord Pakal Ahau continues to amaze us with 2012 symbolic codes. He is definitely a Maya man who knows his mission and reincarnated to be the One with perfect memories and perfect predictability of the Plan Tzakol B. A secret plan from the Mayan priests of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees, elaborated for half a century to produce a sacred man that holds an enigma in the 2012 Maya Prophecy.

In his weekly seminar, he got dissapointed with author Dan Brown and his recent novel The Lost Symbol explaining he missed the superb meaning of 2012. For a good literary review of The Lost Symbol, read what historian scholar Michael Baigent wrote. We totally agree that Brown made a bad flop. Would his fans and critics trust him again in his next novel?

Lord Pakal’s discussion presented us with new imagery about the 26,000-yr precesion in relation to the prophecy. As he told us, he promised soon to write a complete article about the mythology that was used at the Hoover Dam designed by Finnish sculptor Oskar J.W. Hansen and based on Mayan and Egyptian thinking about 2012. The design of the dam acts as a clock machine representing the 26,000-yr precesion of Earth. From our archives, it seems that Pakal’s father who was a Freemason British architect had a direct influence on Hansen as both belonged to the European Gropius Bauhaus group. His pictures about Hansen’s star cluster map of the Hoover Dam are breathtaking.

Back to the presentation, Lord Pakal showed us a key image of 2012 illustrated for the three part mini-series based on Frank Herbert’s classic Science Fiction Dune novel entailing politics, betrayal, lust, greed and the coming of a Messiah. Herbert was inspired about the ecological problems of Dune and prophecies while living in Mexico. This film was broadcasted in the year 2000 by cable channels. Interesting enough, this specific 2012 illustration was not included in the episodes for unknown reasons.


From the illustration below, Pakal mentions that it represents the 2012 portal or stargate that will happen during the Cosmic Alignment and the Dark Rift. Here are some highlights of Pakal’s presentation.

The angel figures were illustrated from the 30-foot bronze winged sculptures of the Republic that Oskar Hansen designed for the Hoover Dam inauguration on September 30, 1935. The handles of the clock show the precise moment of the alignment pointing to the Sun and Regulus star while the Sun, Earth and Venus are in the pillars of the Gemini sign as a gateway for the forces of Sirius (aka Dune Arrakis). The astrological chart in the inner clock portal corresponds exactly to the birth reincarnation of Lord Pakal Ahau pointing to the Sun sign and his star Regulus. The female figure at the bottom represents the planet Venus. The clock in the outer portal points to the number 2 and 7 with five seconds to fulfill the zero hour of the alignment while the additional handles mark 11:11 during the time alignment. The alignment happens in the early morning as we know it starts in Mexico at Chichen Itza.

Below is our composite figure so you can study more what 2012 is all about. Meanwhile, bookmark this blog and come back for more information about our Lord Pakal Ahau’s prophecies. He is the One to watch as we know he holds the 2012 key with his reincarnation prophecy. Embrace Lord Pakal Ahau!


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Oskar Hansen was born in 1892 to Oskar II and Josephine Maximiliana in what was then the dual Kingdom of Norway and Sweden. Before coming to America, he served as a merchant seaman, then joined the French Foreign Legion in North Africa where he attained the rank of General of Brigade. In the US he served in the US Army and rose from Private to Major. Upon leaving the Army, he built a home and sculpture studio near Charlottesville, Virginia.

While Hansen wrote on theology, astronomy and the arts, he is best known for his work as a sculptor. His most famous works include the winged figures on Hoover Dam which were commissioned by the US Government Parks Department, and the Star Map, also at the Hoover Dam, which was created in collaboration with The Smithsonian Institution and the US Naval Observatory.

In addition, he carved “The Stallion’s Head” from a piece of turquoise which is now in the Smithsonian Gem Collection, and sculpted the bronze image of Liberty which tops the Monument to the Alliance in Yorktown, Virginia.

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One Response to “A New 2012 Mayan Code From Lord Pakal Ahau”

  1. Greetings in the Light of the Intelligence Infinite,
    I too was disappointed by Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol novel. It shows that great important truths can be misconstrued and twisted unawares for the sake of entertainment. Many interpretations of the Bible, Kabbalah and other sacred texts are also misunderstood. Faith is not a substitute for knowledge; it is the prelude to it but not the thing itself.
    My take is that if it is inaccurate or untrue, then how can it be entertaining to those who know or who are close to knowing?
    It cannot, therefore I was not happy with The Lost Symbol although I liked his Da Vinci Code.
    Authors wield immense power, even when they do not realize it. Political movements and even religions are accidentally caused by what may have begun as an author’s fantasy.
    The peoples of this planet need clarification. We do not need more confusion and mystery. I am attracted to plain-speaking visionaries like Lord Pakal Ahau. This kind of revelation is the prescription for the future that will cure the disease of ignorance and fear in Humanity.
    Long Live Lord Pakal Ahau~
    Sufi Musfaad
    Salt Lake City Utah

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