2012 Apocalypto Theme – Special Edition

It has been three years since the Apocalypto movie (2006) was released in theaters, produced and directed by Mel Gibson. Although the film did not please our Mesoamerican fans, there was a recognition to the director for producing a story in complete Maya Yucatec language.

At that time, interesting enough Lord Pakal Ahau prophecized that our stones would speak the Maya language to the world based on the sequence of glyphs carved on King Pakal’s stone lid. That glyph corresponds to the period 2006-2009 and it was an amazing visionary prophecy from our Lord. For more details, you can read his article, The Mayan Interpretation of Apocalypto, in Pakal’s Trilogy website.

Recently, we made our original Maya typeface, Uxmalâ„¢, and to commemorate the end of the 19th glyph in the sequence toward 2012 we designed the Apocalypto theme t-shirt as an special edition print. Lord Pakal Ahau does not talk about the final 20th glyph, which corresponds to the period 2009-2012. The only fact we know is that he has called it the 2012 Fatidic Glyph that describes the fearful Maya kingdom of Xibalba and one of the Six Houses of Death.

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