2012 Dune Sanskrit – Mayan Typeface

We mentioned briefly in another post how Frank Herbert, science fiction author, got inspired in his master work Dune (1965), while living in Mexico and learning about the future of the solar child reincarnation prophecy of our Lord Pakal Ahau from Maya tribes. At that time Pakal was 13 years old. Herbert’s work is truly a piece of art influenced by environmental issues and the social collapse of civilizations.

Lord Pakal Ahau does not comment on this part of his life and he prefers to be taciturn about the Maya Plan Tzakol B. The secret genetic plan that after 500 years of silence in our Maya people engendered his life with the help of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees. In fact, Herbert mentioned this event as the Bene Gesserit breeding plan and the creation of the Muah’dib. The similarities are remarkable. The additional parallel events in Lord Pakal Ahau’s life and Herbert’s Dune are too synchronistic to ignore them without going into details.

To memorialize Herbert’s work, we have dedicated this design typeface to Lord Pakal Ahau called Dune Sanskrit, an original font which combines the Arrakis science fiction style with the ancient sanskrit writings. The font has strong and sexual masculine features that you will not notice until the font is enlarged.

It is part of our 2012 New Mesoamerican Mythology knowing that destiny awaits for a man with an amazing prophecy on his shoulders.


“I believe in the Power of Time. There is probably no more terrible instant of enlightment than the one in which you discover your father is a man – with human flesh. ” – Lord Pakal Ahau. Family Commentaries. 1975.

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