A 2012 Mayan Dream Glyph

Looking at our amazing 600-yr collection of Maya glyphs in our ancient archives of the Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees, we found this particular glyph that got our attention.

The glyph has two unique features: the first one is that the character shows a 6-toe foot which it seems a natural genetic trait in our Maya race. The stone lid of King Hanab Pakal also portrays the famous Maya king with six toes in his left foot. The second feature is more psychological in which the same character grabs his head as having a mind-altered vision or an hallucination about a zoomorphic figure. Perhaps from the Underground kingdom of Xibalba.

We have curated this glyph and minimized some features to claim copyright designs as some individuals do not understand copyright violations and are copying our professional designs without authorized use. We will bring the issue to the U.S. Copyright Office under copyright laws, chapter 5.

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