2012 Mayan Cosmic Sex

As Maya design experts, one thing we despise is how people come to our blog or our store and blatantly copy our original designs. Such is the case of KenZen.com Online Store in CafePress where he copied our Xibalba Skull original design and named it Mayan Ball Court. Even his description is a lie because there is no such inscription or glyph in the ball court of Chichen Itza It does not exist. It is our original Maya design.

But we got news for this guy. We sent a copyright infringement letter to CafePress so next time he will think twice about his copyright violation.

Anyway, back to business. Here’s is a great Maya design we made about our god Itzamna in one of the Maya stelas. It looks really interesting because he wears goggles as the woman does. Almost makes me think that the impregnation is totally alien and it happened hundreds of years ago.

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