2012 Mayan Kingdom – The Tree of Life

Each Maya kingdom is centered in a general theme, the majestic Tree of Life. For the Maya, it represents the axis mundi, the stable world center. It constitutes a symbolic vertical line–like the line of balance on a spinning top–that unites the three realms of underworld, earth, and heavens.

In Maya language, the Tree of Life is called Yaxche and it is the axis mundi as the navel of the world. A Yaxche (Ceiba pentandra) could be found at the center of most pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cities. The Tree of Life is a natural analog to the constructed Mayan temple, which was also a vertical structure that connects the subterranean to heavenly realms.

Our beautiful vector design makes a great representation of the above description and can be purchased in t-shirts in our store. May the Maya kingdom of our future King, Lord Pakal Ahau, keep you healthy and strong like the Tree of Life for the next 1000 years. Our sincere Maya wish!


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