2012 Mayan God – The Apparition

We have curated this ancient Maya glyph from Copan with a new vector illustration.

The inscription is very similar to the true supernatural apparition that Lord Pakal Ahau experienced when he was six years old according to his Maya diaries. Pakal commented, “He was a huge, tall and muscular Mayan. He hit me in my head hardly and I woke up. Then, he stood in front of my bed and said in Maya language, ‘You’re the Lord and new King of our Tribe’. And then he kneeled down.”

Pakal added, ” I went to my parents’ bedroom and told my mother, “Mom, there is a huge Indian in my bedroom. He said ‘I’m the new Lord of the Tribe”. She knew that his son was the One chosen for the reincarnation prophecy. The Maya apparition vanished leaving the Kawiil in Pakal’s bed, the royal scepter of Maya kings.


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