2012 Tidcombe Crop Circle – August 16, 2009

This astonishing crop circle was reported at Tidcombe, near Burbage, Wiltshire on 16th August, 2009.

According to Lord Pakal Ahau’s vision, it contains a sequel of communication with his presence but he will not elaborate about the holoalien language that he seems to understand very well. We are still wondering if he is a benign alien or a reincarnation as he told us to believe.


However, he commented that the holoalien language works in nodes principles of communication and contains bits of information that can be decoded mathematically through a simple binary system. He added this powerful foreign language works better in a vigesimal platform like Mayas used to build their calendars. Below, here is a similar image of the crop circle that he gave us after we discovered these documents in his diaries.


We know he has more to say but we respect his decision for not elaborating further. Our intuition tells us he is working hard to meet unpredictable 2012 events.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Lord Pakal Ahau holds a masters degree in Nuclear Physics from University of California Los Angeles (1980). His academic mentor was Dr. David Okrent.

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