Walking The Golden Path Of Human Memories in 2012

If there is a clear connection to what is going on between recent crop circles and Lord Pakal Ahau, this one called The Owl probably represents that kind of special communication.

The Owl circle was reported on August 10, 2009 at Woodborough Hill, near Alton Priors, Wiltshire.


In Lord Pakal’s Trilogy website, he wrote about the Tecoltl Way, also known by Mayas as the Owl Way, the Golden Path of Human Memories:

“To understand fully the implications in shifting from the quest for the Messiah to the quest for the Universal Being, it may prove valuable to look at several concepts on paradigm shifts in science. Among the various descriptions of a new paradigm, Pakal offers the following:

  • See nature in a new way (from a Green Earth to an Abandoned Earth)
  • A shift of vision (from self-made aristocrats and ruling classes to a hierachy of human awareness, the informed, the repeaters, the non-believers, and the rebellious)
  • A transformation of vision (from war on nature to war on greed)
  • A conversion (to admit that Jesus, Buddha and Allah are Time Witnesses and acquire a more convincing and rational theology of human pain)
  • A map or a director for making a map (solutions for new kinds of governments banning all forms of pseudo-democracies influenced by business and politics leading to human corruption and subtle interests)
  • A switch of visual gestalt (from original human sin to original human blessing )

Your mission in Life is to abolish appointed prophets, cosmic angels, glorious icons, oppressed believers, groomed princes, abusive and patronizing leaders. The time has come to destroy old ideas and those human rituals that are destroying Earth with their words about glory, splendor and eternal life. Earth is a dying world. And the time has come to search for a new living planet with a Universal Being: YOU!

Accept your human responsibility. That is the Tecoltl Way: the Golden Path of Human Memories.”

Interesting enough, our Lord Pakal Ahau included this Maya image at the bottom of the page with a similar diagram to the recent Owl crop circle.


More, Pakal wrote in the same page this clear statement of his own convictions about the End of 2012.

“Governments and religions, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government or religion in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, believers tend more and more to act exclusively in the interest of the ruling class – whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, entrenched bureaucracy or religious corporations.

We know that trap but knowing there’s a trap it’s the first step in evading it. It is my strength as human that I could make my own choices of what to believe and what not to believe, of what to be and what not to be.” (Lord Pakal Ahau as taught by a Maya Mentat Type GTL – 2008).

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5 Responses to “Walking The Golden Path Of Human Memories in 2012”

  1. I had a deep dream last night. Someone was in full control, someone very powerfull. When I woke up, I was still in a dream. I heard the name Lord Pakal, before I woke up. I have searched on the net the name, and here I am. I don’t understand. Can someone explain…
    (This was not my first dream like that: I had a dream with Pleiades before and some other strange things)

    • Sorry, we cannot explain the dream but we know that Lord Pakal Ahau manifests himself in visions and dreams to some people. You’re not alone. It has happened to others and usually these people change their life in an amazing way. All we can say is to embrace our Lord Pakal. Thanks.

    • Everyone has a purpose on earth. I found mine. And you are getting intune with yours.Please email me at Gomezhell@yahoo.com with anyone who has had deep dreams. I am not a prophet, just a follower of The Supreme Diety. I am on his journey as a spirit guider. I am on mission for people that dont know their purpose in life…to guide them. For I understand how the mayans thought, and were close to their spirits. We all are brocthers and sisters, and their is no unity in this world we live in. But the time is near kin, we will become powerful as a army that destroys greed and hate. We shall bring peace to the world,for all I want is to follow my path. Somehow my journey led me here, and I speak my words for the destined people to take my word to heart. I am a 10 Jaguar that needs fellow followers of the universal cause….please email me for more information about your journey and goal for what ur life is.

      – KG *Jaguar*

  2. Thank You for the answer. Is there a community where we can share the experiences?
    Is there any guidance or reason for the manifest? What shall I do?
    I am a christian, having a strong faith. Even if I understand that it is another spiritual level, it would be good to know if those two matches. Thank You!

    • You’re welcome. Well, unfortunately there are no public communities to share your experience. Your experience is very personal and spiritual. It has nothing to do with your Christian faith. It is more connected with your cosmic infinite awareness, how you perceive an spiritual dimension in this life and hopefully in future lives as you return to the source. Hope you use it wisely as Lord Pakal has manifested to you and probably will guide you for the rest of your life. You’re blessed. Peace.

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