The 2012 Mayan Lords Of The Night Are Coming

We have said in repeated times that our Lord Pakal Ahau is a talented baby boomer with infinite creative power. Born from a sacred reincarnation he does not mind his birth status. He knows his mission very well in 2012.

With our new decision to put two bodyguards at his disposition all the time, he said it reminds him when the Maya kings had this kind of company every night. He calls them the Lords of the Night. Watchdogs to keep the dream of the King alive and well.

It is all for his safety as we get closer to 2012 because we anticipate a wave of crazy things, however, he jokes about it. He commented in a funny way, ‘If you can be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal. I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you can call me Pakal.”

Anyway, the Lords of the Night are great Maya inscriptions totally misunderstood by Maya scholars to the point they do not even know their names or what they mean. They are described as G1 to G9.

We have made G9 as a particular print because this one will rule the night of December 21, 2012. And like Pakal’s bodyguards he is in charge of guarding the Gates of Xibalba that night. We trust him that the Xibalba demons will not escape that night but we are not sure about that.

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“If you’ll be my bodyguard in 2012
I can call you Betty.” – Lord Pakal Ahau
after Paul Simon’s Graceland. 2009.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: If you are a looking for a simple online pictographic Maya calendar converter, we recommend this one prepared in Java by Prof. C. Hartley, Director of the Ernest B. Wright Observatory at the Department of Physics at Hartwick College in the City of Oneonta, NY. A better alternative is the one we use as Maya epigraphers built by Mr. Michael Finley and entitled Burden of Time.

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