The 2012 Mayan Cube

In a previous article published August 6, 2009 that Lord Pakal Ahau helped us to write, he mentioned that the Maya calendar works like a cube, not like a wheel within a wheel as other people think and can’t translate our Maya calendar.

Lord Pakal entitled the article, The 2012 Mayan Multidimensional Analysis Of Our Universe”.

Interesting enough three days later there was a recent crop circle with the shape of a cube on August 9, reported at Bishop Sutton, near New Alresford, Hampshire.


I showed the image to our Lord Pakal and he said, “Someone is listening”. I cannot believe how our Lord manifests these events before time. The man is totally awesome in prophecy. God bless you, Pakal!

Et elevamini, portae aeternales
(And elevate the Gates of Eternity)
et introibit Rex Gloriae
(And allow to come the New Divine King)
Qius est iste Rex Glorie?
(Who is this King of Glory?)

In nomine Christi, Amen…
(In the name of Christ, Amen…)

(Translated by Lord Pakal Ahau
for the Pakalian Group of Mexico).

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