Absolut Maya 2012

If you are into trends of advertising, we recommend the fantastic ads from Absolut Vodka.


One of the greatest ads ever in the history of advertising was designed by a Mexican advertising agency on behalf of the Sweddish vodka company with the controversial 1948 US-Mexico Border ad. And, boy! it really made angry a lot of gringos.

This time, we include the Absolut Maya ad, unfortunately we do not have the date released. In the interesting ad, a glyph from the Temple of the Foliated Cross is used. The funny part is the ad agency used this particular inscription after King Hanab Pakal was dead so we consider it is the ghost of King Pakal offering the Kawiil, the crown of Maya kings. In the ad, the crown has been replaced by a perceptive bottle of vodka surrounded by Maya glyphs.


To celebrate the theme (we are sure there will be an Absolut 2012 soon) we made our vector design with vibrant colors in a similar fashion. Click the red link to order our tee with this Mayanist print.


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