Blame It On NASA, Not Mayans in 2012

This post is to point the right finger where it should be. From the NASA archives, it says. ‘Twenty five years ago on March 2, 1972, Pioneer 10 was launched from the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, carrying Earth’s first space probe to an outer planet. To accomplish this feat, Pioneer 10 had to pass through what was initially feared to be an impenetrable asteroid belt.’


Pioneer 10 became the first artifact to “leave the Solar System” on June 13, 1983 when it passed beyond the farthest known planet.

Pioneer 10 carries a plaque with messages designed to make contact with possible alien civilizations. The late Dr. Carl Sagan helped devise the plaques that bear the illustration of a man and a woman as well as a diagram identifying earth’s location in the galaxy. Like a message in a bottle, these plaques will journey out into interstellar space possibly to be found one day by an extraterrestrial civilization.

According to Lord Pakal Ahau’s sentient vision and based on the activity of the most recent crop circles, he said the plaques were intercepted by alien entities. Pakal added, “It was irresponsible from a space agency to blatantly advertise our universal presence with our location. Now we have to bear the irreparable consequences. 2012 is doomed with a hostile alien invasion. Like our Aztecs were ruined with the arrival of the Spanish barbarians, the whole world will go through pain and hard changes”.

We have made a complete high-resolution replica, including the fine radial lines of 14 pulsars corresponding to long binary numbers, of the NASA design for your consideration in our tees. Notice the design is our version and a better shadowed rendition of the human models. A complete description of the Pioneer 10 plaques can be found here.


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