We Are Doomed With Mortal Alien Invasion In 2012

Now that Our Lord Pakal Ahau has made a revelatory statement based in the recent crop circles saying, “Beware of alien predators in 2012. They want our Sun as a young star. Not Earth”. I’m scared to death about a total annihilation of humanity based on Pakal’s words.

It is not easy to believe in this remote possibility in 2012 but Lord Pakal is our guide and we have to follow his advice and prepare for the inevitable.

I made this Maya gallery of images to have the feelings and honestly they are disturbing as hell. So, we hope we don’t ruin the reputation of our purist Maya scholars thinking they are anthropomorphic figures in our Maya imagination. They are real probabilities in our opinion.

Image 1 is very similar to the Maya illustration of the Black Lords of Xibalba with their squared jaws worshipping Itzamna in the Six Houses of Death.


Image 2 is similar to the recent Mayapan discovery in which there is a reclined character with elongated skull inside the solar disk studying the ancient transits of Venus.


Image 3 is an example described by Maya scholars as a supernatural figure of the Early Classic period. The mysterious panel is located in Tikal Building sub-73 in which there is a death mask with rounded eyes, prominent lips and open mouth showing incisives teeth. The figure postrated according to our conservatives scholars represents a deity of the infraworld. It is considered in the zoomorph domain of our imagination.


Oh, Pakal, my Lord, why was you born to tell us these visions in the Prophecy? I’m confused and in tears about your statement. It cannot be true but we believe you.

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