The 2012 Maya Solar Shield Crop Circle – August 2, 2009

As Maya epigraphers we are concerned with the latest message in a reported crop circle in Morgan’s Hill, August 2, 2009.

Until now, no one has noticed what is going on with this persistent Maya symbology but we are aware of something mysterious in the new wave of crop circles in England. As you probably read in our posts, Lord Pakal Ahau is the official Maya reincarnation of King Hanab Pakal and considered the spirit of the 8 Ahau, soon to fulfill in less than three years the 2012 Maya Prophecy in Mexico.

Lord Pakal does not talk about his mission but we are conscious that he will unleash a tremendous power in the world, whether opening Xibalba or producing a huge physical transformation in the planet. That’s why he was born to create at the End of the Maya Calendar.

The crop circle makers also seem to be aware of Lord Pakal’s presence on Earth. Do they fear Pakal? We do not know but they seem to send continuous messages to our Lord Pakal Ahau. The following is our original interpretation of the Morgan’s Hill Crop Circle.

In the crop circle, the square within the square represents a Maya glyph and it seems the message is oriented toward Pakal’s known royal birth seal of Palenque. Remember that years ago Pakal said in his sacred oath, ‘The Sun is my strength and my shield forever.” These words represent a solar divinity with immense powers to effect Earth.

In our diagram, we have numbered the most important features. Notice the outside square includes eight circles that represent the 8 Ahau. In the inside square there are twelve flowers indicating twelve baktuns carefully crafted. And in the center we find the Royal Birth Seal of Our Lord Pakal Ahau indicating the final 13 Baktun (End of the Maya calendar) as the shield and solar flower. Obviously, the makers are very cognizant in Maya epigraphy and inscription glyphs.


Furthermore, we have compiled all variants of the Maya shield glyph so you can compare the amazing similarities. Are they coincidences? We think not.


We found a better diagram of this crop circle here that saved time as we were making the initial sketches. Basically, it confirms our interpretation as Maya epigraphers. Our preliminary interpretation says: “The (power of) 8 Ahau will rule with his Royal Birth Seal. In the wheel count of 20 days, twelve baktuns have been finished and the 13th Baktun will be completed when Lamat (Venus) crosses the Sun.” Venus will cross the Sun on June 6, 2012 during the Second Transit, and is definitely the key event of the 2012 Maya Prophecy as Lord Pakal Ahau knows.


As we presented our decipherment to Lord Pakal Ahau, he remains silent and meditative with no comments in our discoveries. We wish he could say something but the man is a 2012 holy enigma.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In recent days, the two recent volunteers that accompany and guard our Lord Pakal Ahau have noticed that during the nights Lord Pakal seems to be talking in a Maya dialect in his bedroom, even though they know he is alone. Are these visitations or is Lord Pakal talking in his dreams? One thing is certain that through the bottom of the door they see bright lights occurring and many shadows. They commented, “We are very afraid of what is going on. It is not real”.

Also, we made comments on the 12-Ahau Maya Crop Circle (July 24, 2009) here, but Lord Pakal Ahau has warned us from making further decipherments of that crop circle to the public. We respect his decision.


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