2012 In The Great Cosmic Grand Deception

Oh, holy cow! In our weekly meeting with Lord Pakal Ahau, he commented something revelatory about the recent crop circles finally.

He said in a firm voice, “Beware of alien predators in 2012. They want our Sun as a young star. Not Earth.”

This statement caused commotion in our group. How does he know these things? Maybe he is having new prophetic visions of our future. If this is the case, Earth is considered a nuissance for this kind of species and we humans with the whole remaining life will be exterminated soon. No deal from them!

I don’t believe it but coming from Pakal’s mouth is serious business. For a look of the Cosmic Grand Deception of 1947, read this article here. I don’t know how Pakal knew about this evolutionary curve before his 1952 birth but He is the One who thinks for us in 2012. This is disturbing news.

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