Mayapan Discovery About Ancient Transits of Venus and 2012

In the Mayapan observatory, near Merida, there is evidence that ancient Mayas observed and measured several transits of Venus as astronomical events describing the path of this planet in front of the Sun.

The report was presented by Science professor of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Christine Allen Armiño, in the Astronomy Congress as a research paper, ‘Transits of Venus: From Mayas to the Astronomical Unit”, as part of the International Year of Astronomy.

She explained, ‘The Mayapan observatory is a small copy of Chichen Itza with more than 4,000 structures along four kilometers. In the Observatory room, the study found a solar disk with a reclined observing astronomer, and inscriptions dated 1200-1350 BC. During this interval, Maya astronomers registered four transits of Venus and two solar eclipses represented by circles in the disk.

The next transit of Venus, considered catastrophic, will be June 6, 2012 and the next pair of Venus transits will occur in 2117. The article in Spanish is at Mundo Hispano for more details.

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