Mayan Thriller 2012

As you have probably heard there is a sacred path that we Mayas used to create illuminated wisdom in prophecies. It is called the Tecolotl Way.

Lord Pakal Ahau has showed us in his teachings how to use it wisely and we are strong believers of the path. One of the greatest sights we have seen in Lord Pakal Ahau’s life was his garden meditation in the year 2000 to receive the New Year.

We were ecstatic when we saw this huge White Owl come from nowhere and extended his powerful wings like embracing Lord Pakal Ahau’s body on top of the tree where Pakal was meditating. We knew we were in the presence of something very spiritual in our lives. For that, we are deeply grateful Lord Pakal Ahau is our guide.

To celebrate this event in 2009, we have made this vector design so you can remember our Tecolotl Way, The Way of the Wise Owl. Click the red link to visit this particular section in our Mayan store. It is a great design for kids and family. Tip: It is not for Halloween only. It is a 2012 Maya thing!


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