INAH Opens Virtual Maya Tour of King Pakal In Palenque

As reported by El Universal de Mexico on August 1, 2009, the funerary chamber of our beloved King Pakal was closed to the public in 2004 to prevent further deterioration by tourists.

We praise the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH) for making the right decision to preserve our cultural patrimony.

However, a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour of Pakal’s tomb is possible again through the Internet.

The virtual walk-through allows visual access, including audio, to the Skull Temples, Tomb of the Red Queen, Temple of the Inscriptions, The Palace, Group of the Cross, Structures XIX and XII, and Ball Court.

The discovery of King Pakal’s funerary chamber and tomb was made by French archaeologist Dr. Alberto Ruz L’huillier on June 15, 1952. Two months later when Dr. Ruz L’huillier moved the colossal stone lid to unveil the King’s mummy, Lord Pakal Ahau was born on August 22, 1952 according to the Palencan reincarnation prophecy.

To visit the INAH website to know more about Palenque and the Archaeological Zone of Yaxchilan, click the red link.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: As Lord Pakal Ahau predicted correctly in his post, The Mayan 7-Year Period To The End of 2012, the year 2009 ends the Sacrifice of Palenque Temples. How about that for mathematical prophetic perfection? Long live our Lord!

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  1. necesito informacion sobre piezas arqueologicas

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