The Sacred Maya Reincarnation of Lord Pakal Ahau Before 2012

Looking at the crowned face model Mayas of Palenque did hundreds of years ago of King K’inich Hanab Pakal and comparing with the recent photorealistic image of our Lord Pakal Ahau, it is amazing to discover the similarities in genetic traits.

The Chilam Balam master plan called Plan Tzakol B was the perfect replication of one of the most loved men in Palenque and it took 500 years of silence to create it. Definitely,  it was the best sweet revenge of our Maya culture and knowledge destroyed by the Spanish barbarians: to produce the Enlightened One against the invasion of the Catholic church and their religious icons.

Lord Pakal Ahau’s sacred reincarnation took place in Palenque, August 22 -1952. Long live our spiritual King!


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