The Maya Xibalbans and 2012

In the paranormal realm of events happening in recent crop circles, there is one that merits our attention because of the message as we said in a previous post it was directly addressed to Lord Pakal Ahau without doubt.

We consider the Ogbourne crop circle, reported July 24 -2009, was not man-made for various reasons although we cannot explain the full decipherment for safety reasons. And we understand clearly why Lord Pakal Ahau got very upset with the message to the point that he said, ‘There can be only One Ahau born from the Prophecy. Either they are with me or against me’. Obviously, the crop circle makers know there is a Lord Pakal living on Earth at this moment.

We do not know the repercusions of this event at this time but the consequences are nefast if they decide to make their apparition in our planet again.

The main point is that the Ogbourne crop circle is of real extraterrestrial nature made by an alien race that existed thousands of years ago. This breeding race has arrived again near Earth as Lord Pakal suspected after 26,000 years. We call them Xibalbans because they tried to enslave humanity as Mayas knew and for a while, our people worshipped and feared them with sacrifices to their gods of death.

We found a good written description on the web about Xibalba and Xibalbans customs.

In Maya mythology Xibalba (pronounced Shi-BAHL-bah) is the name of the underworld, ruled by the Mayan of death. The name roughly translates to “Place of Fear” or “Place of Phantoms”. The entrance to Xibalba was traditionally held to be a cave in the vicinity of Coban, Guatemala. To some of the Quiche descendants of the Maya people still living in the vicinity, the area is still associated with death. In the heavens, the Road to Xibalba was represented by the dark rift visible in the Milky Way.

Xibalba was described in the Popol Vuh to be a city or a realm that existed below the surface of the Earth. It is unclear if the inhabitants of Xibalba, referred to simply as Xibalbans, are the souls of the deceased or a separate race of people worshipping death, but they are often depicted as being human-like in form. The place Xibalba was often associated with death and it was ruled by 12 gods or powerful rulers known as the Lords of Xibalba. The first among the Lords of Xibalba were One Death and Seven Death. The remaining 10 Lords are often referred to as demons and are given commission and domain over various forms of human suffering: to cause sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death. The remaining residents of Xibalba are thought to have fallen under the dominion of one of these Lords, going about the face of the Earth to carry out their listed duties.


Xibalba was a large place and a number of individual structures or locations within Xibalba are described or mentioned in the Popol Vuh. Chief among these was the council place of the Lords, the five or six houses that served as the first tests of Xibalba, and the Xibalban ball court. Each Maya town includes a ball court as a permanent reminder of the Xibalba invasion and our victory over Xibalbans’ domain . Also mentioned are the homes of the Lords, gardens, and other structures indicating that Xibalba was at least a great city.

Xibalba seemed to be rife with tests, trials and traps for anyone who came into the city. Even the Road to Xibalba was filled with obstacles: first a river filled with scorpions, a river filled with blood, and then a river filled with pus. Beyond these was a crossroads where travellers had to choose from between four roads that spoke in an attempt to confuse and beguile. Upon passing these obstacles one would come upon the Xibalban council place, where it was expected visitors would greet the seated Lords. Realistic mannequins (humanoid robots) were seated near the Lords to confuse and humiliate people who greeted them, and the confused would then be invited to sit upon a bench, which was actually a hot cooking surface. The Lords of Xibalba would entertain themselves by humiliating people in this fashion before sending them into one of Xibalba’s deadly tests.

The city was home to at least six deadly houses filled with trials for visitors. The first was Dark House, a house that was completely dark inside. The second was Rattling House or Cold House, full of bone-chilling cold and rattling hail. The third was Jaguar House, filled with hungry jaguars. The fourth was Bat House, filled with dangerous shrieking bats, and the fifth was Razor House, filled with blades and razors that moved about of their own accord. In another part of the Popol Vuh, a sixth test, Hot House, filled with fires and heat, is identified. The purpose of these tests was to either kill or humiliate people placed into them if they could not outwit the test.

Sport was important among ancient Mesoamerican cultures, and the foul Lords of Xibalba were no exception to the rule. Xibalba was home of a famous ball court in which the heroes of the Popol Vuh either succumbed to the trickery of the Xibalbans in the form of a deadly, bladed ball, as well as the site in which the Maya Hero Twins outwitted the Xibalbans and brought about their downfall.


According to the Popol Vuh, the Xibalbans at one point enjoyed the worship of the people on the surface of the Earth, who offered human sacrifice to the gods of death. Over the span of time covered in the Popol Vuh, the Xibalbans are tricked into accepting counterfeit sacrifices, and then finally humiliated into accepting lesser offerings from above. Anthropologist (and trained Mayan diviner) Dennis Tedlock has speculated that this version of history may be a Quichean slander on earlier Mayan forms of worship.

The role of Xibalba and the Xibalbans after their great defeat at the hands of Hunahpu and Xbalanque is unclear, although it seems to have continued its existence as a dark place of the underworld long after.

For the ignorants and skeptics who always think Maya scholars are the last word in Maya research, telling us that Xibalba was a figment of our Maya imagination, read the Xibalba discovery route, caves and temples with Xibalban statues on November 10, 2008 by archaeologist Guillermo De Anda. The amazing thing is these reputable scholars do not apologize of their false research after writing their academic books. On the other hand, we in Mexico trust in our oral traditions. They are real and not in our fantastic imagination.

Notice in the image below the size of the person encircled in red. The site location is not accessible to tourists as per the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Only few Mexican research teams are allowed and discoveries are made in a daily basis. We anticipate this discovered site will revolutionize ancient Maya history.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: As Lord Pakal knows about the Maya Anthropic Principle and correctly deciphered the warning in King Hanab Pakal’s tomb, the last timeline glyph (2009-2012) of the skyband in the lapid shows the Royal Seal of Xibalbans indicated by the Dark House of Xibalba. Lord Pakal has called the seal the 2012 Fatidic Glyph to remember the Xibalban menace; however, it is necessary for Lord Pakal to open Xibalba to fulfill our prophecy in 2012. Meaning to open the multi-dimensional portal and cross with the rest of humanity to a new spiritual consciousness.

In our Maya culture, we celebrate the defeat of Xibalbans by our Maya Hero Twins, Hunah-Pu and Xbalanque. The Xibalbans vanished or left Earth after our victory leaving a Maya race dedicated to track the path of Xibalbans among other astronomy events. Unfortunately, they have re-emerged again as we get closer to the Dark Rift in 2012. You won’t believe it what this alien species is capable of.

For a provocative thought of what we believe in this 2012 alien invasion, read our post, We Are Doomed With Mortal Alien Invasion In 2012, in which we have prepared some disturbing images. Compare them with the Xibalban images in this post. We’re not joking!

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill.

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