The Maya Yellow Submarine Arrives In 2012

Looking in retrospective to the Beatles movie’s Yellow Submarine (1968) we found this great shot in the movie that for some reason we missed in the 60’s.

The scene is a bird eye’s view of the Yellow Submarine over a Maya pyramid. What was interesting is inside the submarine there is a year counter that marks the year 2000. Wouldn’t have been prophetic that graphic designer Heinz Edelmann would have thought of 2012 instead in the time counter? But, keep reading and you will find the 2012 hidden code in another verse of this unexplicable film.

Heinz Edelmann, the art director for the Beatles’ film “Yellow Submarine,” died at age 75 on July 21, 2009. Here is a news report from The Examiner in Los Angeles. We will miss him and his fantastic pop art style!


And so, the movie goes on,

‘Lord Mayor: Four scores and 32 bars ago, our fore(4)fathers
Old Fred: A quartet?
Lord Mayor: And four mothers
Old Fred: Another quartet?
Lord Mayor: Made their way in this yellow submarine…
Old Fred: What, that little thing?
Lord Mayor: …to Pepperland.

So the ancestors came here in a craft, in another time, in another symphony.’

And here’s the genius of art director Heinz Edelmann and the Yellow Submarine with our discovered 2012 Maya hidden code. From 2012 to 1968, there’s a time lapse of 44 years. Notice in the above verse the reference to 4 and 44. Four scores are 40 years in Maya inscription time and 32 bars is a common musical expression for a 4/4 time signature song, in this case the introduction of the song ‘Yellow Submarine’ as we listen for the first time the Beatles song in the movie. What does this psychedelic film anticipate with musical mathematics? We’ll see in 2012.


‘We all live in a yellow submarine so we sail on to the Sun’. – Lord Pakal Ahau. 2009.

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