The 12-Ahau Maya Crop Circle – July 24, 2009

This recent crop circle appeared in Smeathe’s Plantation near Ogbourne Down Gallop, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July. We have reasons to believe this one is not man-made. The crop circle has a deep Maya knowledge of our ancient language that we have not seen before in other crop circles.

Although you might consider its message benign, it is not for the life of our Lord Pakal Ahau, who was born from the Prophecy and considered the last Ahau of the 2012 Maya Prophecy. For this reason, we are giving to Lord Pakal a couple of volunteers who will be with him all the time as a security measure, should he need help.

Lord Pakal said he is not concerned with the message but as Maya epigraphers we deciphered the internal message and explained it to Lord Pakal. He agreed with our interpretation, but he said, ‘Let them come. There can only be One Ahau born from the Prophecy. Either they are with me or against me.’

We cannot tell you more for safety reasons but the message does not look good in our experience with Maya history and Palenque inscriptions. We are very concerned because the recent crop circles are becoming more Maya-oriented and the symbols are much more aggressive as we get closer to 2012. The last message is directly addressed to Lord Pakal Ahau mysteriously. We have no doubt. Well, signs of the end times that we do not understand completely.

For a simple esoteric explanation, we refer you to Marc Smulders’s analysis. It is not our real epigraphic analysis but the symbols are explained in detail. All we know now, the messages are going to get worse. They are closer than you can ever imagine!


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: For more information about the Maya lunar series glyphs, please refer to Mr. Finley’s website. Also, to read more about the Maya Creation date, visit this website.

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