2012 Quetzalcoatl Totem For Kids And Adults

Give to your kids a rich experience about our Maya native diversity. Our Nahuatl-speaking people not only live in Central America and Mexico but also in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah according to scholar research of Dr. Cecilio Orozco, California State University, Fresno.

His work concentrates on the great migrations and origin of our Aztec-Mexica people.

In 1980, after 21 years of study, Dr. Orozco discovered the origins of the ancestors of the Aztec-Mexica groups in the colorful lands of Utah. In 1990 he was able to verify mathematical formulas on pictographs in Utah which date from times long before Christ and which were used in the development of the calendars of the Aztec-Mexica civilizations as well as the Maya world such as the Tonalamatl and Tzolkin.

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