How To Make A New Sun Stone Calendar For 2012

This idea is a lot of fun mixed with scientific observations after reading that our Mesoamerican cultures ran out of stone or got tired recording time, which is non-sense in our faded Western culture.

Lord Pakal Ahau gave me the idea tracing the diagram and definitely is a great one. Based on Piaget’s learning theory for children, we compare the processes of information and how functional operators work in categories.

The sun stone calendar works in a similar way. The sequence establishes a rule for action in the following way: Sensation — Thought — Belief — Action. Once we have added in the diagram the four stimuli, we can complete the wheel adding the four results (or relations and states).

The correspondence in the stone is summarized as follows:

The Relationship category includes Impulse (purpose), Faith, Knowledge (form) and Fact.

The Act category includes Spontaneous Act, Change (reaction), Observation and Control.

The State category includes Being, Transformation, Significance and Establishment.

The parameters M, L and T represent mass, length and time. Factors at opposite ends of an axis are mutually opposed, those at right angles are independent and rotation signifies change in time.

The twelve derived formulae include all of the ten used to analyze the dynamics of a moving body, for example Earth, plus two (control and mass control) not presently in physics textbooks, but used in engineering.

We leave the reader to discover the angular relationships between the different fundamental terms. In other words, angular relationships of 30 and 120 degrees. Also, for simplicity let’s assume the precession of Earth is approximately 26,000 years. Each completed phase will take in our quantum timeline 2,166.66 years (26,000 years divided by 12) to achieve that learning phase in our new calendar. Why 12? The twelvefold sections has three dimensions committed (actual space-time).

In our diagram, we have replaced our God Tonatiuh with an image of Albert Einstein with his tongue out framed by the four elements of the 4-Ollin symbol: matter, movement, space and energy. Creation date corresponds to December 21, 2012 equivalent to Maya date with an expiration date in 26,000 years.

So, there is our Maya mathematical genius in action as a tribute to our Maya and Aztec (Mexica) legacy and fascination with real numbers and time.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In the 12 critical points, you can add disaster prophecies, zodiac signs, astronomical conjunctions of Venus-Jupiter, important solar or lunar eclipses, supernova explosions, black holes discoveries, etc, and create a new world mythology. Your universal creativity is the limit. Inside the concentric circles, you can divide them in 13 or 20 sections and decorate them with Maya or Aztec date glyphs to indicate the days of your calendar life and planet Earth. Whatever your heart desire!

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