2012 New Movie Poster -We Like It

Sony Pictures has released a new poster for Emmerich’s ‘2012’. We like it because it sets the appropriate vibe of the movie; however it doesn’t establish the final premiere day in the poster, only the month is announced.

Here’s some Maya apocalyptic trivia of the poster. The movie is based on the Maya Long Count calendar ending on 4 Ahau 3 Kank’in (December 21, 2012) and showcase a series of cataclysmic events in the world with apocalypscope colors. The design of the poster is more elaborated in our opinion.

The 2012 title appears on the heavens with its mechanical clock font. The sub-title ‘We Were Warned’ comes from the ‘Maya doomsday prediction’ that Lord Pakal Ahau already discovered in the Monument Tortuguero 6 prophecy years ago in the Maya glyphs ‘u-toma ek’, on that day it will happen darkness.

The earthquake and tsunami in the poster comes from the vision of the eye of the Virgin of Guadalupe, with the background of the Los Angeles skyline. Goodbye Malibu! By the way, do you know that the architectural design of the twelve most important skycrapers in Los Angeles downtown must follow the design of the Crown of the Virgin of Guadalupe?

The peak of the Crown, which is the tallest building in Los Angeles, is the 73-story U.S. Bank Tower, which rises 1,018 feet (310 m) in Downtown Los Angeles and was completed in 1989. If you see the skyline of Los Angeles at night, the U.S. Bank Tower is illuminated at the top with a distinctive jewel crown, which serves as a heliport. The first time we noticed that symbol was in the movie Bladerunner (1982).

We assume there cannot be a tallest building in the future if they follow the Guadalupan mythology. However, there are some future projects to disrupt this beautiful urban design.

The massive California mega-earthquake is based on the San Andreas fault displacement with an intensity between 8-9, which we are due soon. It follows the JPL Earthquake Simulation Center’s prediction model with an ocean flood of 70-80 miles inside land. But, that report is preliminary and confidential and not open to the public.

In summary, an excellent poster for the ‘2012’ movie.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: We read in USA Today that Emmerich is planning to make one final disaster movie in the future. The grand one that has to end all disaster movies. The only problem is we cannot find enough Maya glyphs in the stelas to show it will be the End of the Universe. But that’s our Maya prediction.

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