Is Our Lord Pakal Ahau A 2012 Alien?

Well, as far as we know he has told us that he is a sacred reincarnation for the final 2012 Maya prophecy or he wants us to believe in the prophecy; however, I discovered some mysterious papers in his office today while he is travelling to Tennessee.

We know he has visionary powers to foresee the future, but it seems to me he has not told the complete truth to the Pakalian Group. I scanned this page from his diaries and I don’t feel comfortable knowing the truth.

As Maya epigraphers, maybe he is getting involved in complex decipherment but something tells me from experience these cryptic symbols are not Maya or Aztec language. My intuition tells me that the symbols on the right upper corner maybe related to the number or year 2012 but I don’t understand why he is writing in a circular pattern like the Aztec Sun Stone calendar. Take a look at the latest pages of his diaries. I’m excited but confused.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Reviewing his trilogy website, I found an interesting phrase from his greetings. I think we completely ignored what he wrote years ago and now things are emerging. This week, it seems he intentionally left his diaries open for us to discover the truth. The text what he wrote in his greetings:

‘Here’s to all of us having a better day, every day until the new Alien Time arrives, and may one day you’ll show your memories to your grandchildren and say proudly, “I was with Pakal at that time because he loves me from his Shining Star”. Don’t forget that, my friend.

Sincerely with peace.’
Lord Pakal Ahau.

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