2012 Relation Between Elvis Presley and Lord Pakal Ahau – Part II

This is Part II and final conclusion of the ‘apparition’ of Elvis Presley to Lord Pakal Ahau in 1989. We apologize for the delay in this story but we will explain later why as Lord Pakal Ahau wants this story released before the Total Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 and he has been very nervous in the last two months trying to comprehend some recent paranormal or rather ‘alien’ events in the world.

In Part I of this story, we explained how Lord Pakal Ahau met Elvis Presley inside the Pan Pacific Auditorium as a paranormal event that we might call an apparition. In this apparition, Elvis appeared to Pakal dressed with his Aztec Sundial jumpsuit and both talked about their reincarnations. According to Lord Pakal, Elvis was definitely in tune with the 2012 Maya Prophecy.


What you are about to read is from Lord Pakal’s diaries, a true story that we have translated into English. As we said in Part I, this story has never been released with the photos Pakal took in 1989. Lord Pakal’s photos were the last images of this building as the structure was demolished the next day. So, here’s the continuation of this incredible story between Pakal and Elvis Presley.


Pakal wrote in his diary, “July 4, 1989. Elvis looked at me with languid eyes, almost hesitating in his words and said, ‘Pakal, please help me’.

I saw his face that was about to break in tears. I said, ‘How can I help you, Elvis?’

Elvis said, ‘I didn’t know after death was silent and lonely. We’re not in a material form as you know. You were there too in that underworld and your Maya shamans brought you again to live and be present in 2012. You’re lucky, my friend’.

I said,’ It is a strange world, isn’t it?

Elvis said, ‘Yes, a dark world full of strange aliens in many different forms’.

I replied to him, ‘Ah, the aliens. The ones that control our life form. Right?’.

Elvis said, ‘I want to come back, Pakal. Their world is not my world’.

Pakal said, “I’m intrigued why you came to me. Did the Maya shamans discuss with you your death.”

Elvis replied, ‘Yes. They told me I would die on August 16, 1977. I didn’t believe them but later I had a real dream about my own death and later I designed this Aztec jumpsuit with the date. 16 outer points marking the day, 8 inner points indicating the eighth month of the Year 7 as they told me.’

Elvis continued and asked me, ‘You probably know the time of your death too. Do you?

Pakal said,’ Yes. I do.’

There was an eerie silence in the room but Pakal felt he was not alone with Elvis.

Elvis looked in different directions and said, ‘Pakal, I don’t have too much time. They are coming for me.’


Notes from Pakal – In the above picture, Pakal really experienced a paranormal apparition. He cannot explain the ground ray of light. It looks like a spot lamp but there was no power in the building. It looks also like sunlight coming from the roof, but the room was totally sealed and dark. On the wall, there are figures and words painted. Among them, a strange Maya bat figure, an Elvis face (?) without eyes, other alienesque figures. The words say ‘fantasy world’ and ‘voltaire 22’ and ‘are you the one?’. Does it relate to the birth reincarnation of Lord Pakal Ahau on August 22, 1952? Continuing with the story…

Pakal said, ‘So how can I help you break your death spell’

Elvis replied, ‘You’re still young and your life is full of wonders. But pay attention to the signs.’

Pakal, somewhat intrigued said,’ Which signs are you talking about?

Elvis said, ‘There will be strange circles in the fields. Pay attention to them. Three years before the year 2012, you will see a Phoenix and an Aztec Bird. First the phoenix, then the bird, then finally a great solar eclipse. On that day, I want you to come to my grave and I will appear to you again.’


Pakal said, ‘Then, what?’

Elvis said, “I’ll be wearing a Phoenix black jacket at the time of the solar eclipse and you’ll receive a tremendous regeneration power from the darkness of the sun. I will embrace you and everything in my reincarnation will be consumated. They won’t ask me to return to this lonely underworld again and I will be born again with your help.’

Elvis looked at me and his eyes penetrated my mind, and continued, “Do you promise that, Pakal?’

I said, ‘I will try my best, Elvis’.

Pakal continued, ‘Can I try to take a picture of you, Elvis?

Elvis hesitated but said, ‘ Do it to the shadow on the wall. Point the light to the side and my face will appear in the shadow. That will be enough proof we met.’

Pakal did it.


Elvis said, ‘Well, Pakal. That’s all for now. Until then and thank you. Please do not forget me. God bless you forever’.

Pakal finished with these last words, ‘I won’t, Elvis. Until then’.

The apparition vanished in front of me, leaving a smell like a pine aroma.’

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In June 2009, two crop circles appeared in England as Elvis Presley said. A Phoenix and two days later an Aztec Bird.

elvis_cropcircles2009On July 22, 2009, there will be a total solar eclipse, the longest of the 21st Century. Although Lord Pakal has never been a fan of Elvis or has collected memorabilia or records, he has made arrangements to visit Elvis Presley’s grave in Memphis, Tennessee, on that day.

There are some open questions to this article: Is Lord Pakal covering the truth in his diary and prefers to call it an apparition instead of a physical personal encounter with Elvis? Then, Is Elvis’ death an incredible hoax? Did Pakal meet the real Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee as he said after the apparition of the crop circles? Was Elvis captured by aliens as he said their world is not my world? Although we know Pakal travelled to Memphis he has never commented what happened then… Long live the King!

UPDATE FROM THE EDITOR: According to FoxNews, The King will have his very own casino on the Las Vegas Strip. FX Real Estate and Entertainment is the company that owns the rights to his name and image, and they have big plans.

The project will cost well over 3 billion dollars, and is scheduled to begin in 2009, and end in 2012. You can read more in this article. Was Elvis right to his words to Lord Pakal Ahau? This is an amazing prediction story as we wrote this article with anticipation to the recent news. Thanks Lord Pakal!

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