The 2012 Prophecy from Welsch St. David

With the death of Lady Diana Spencer in 1997, Lord Pakal Ahau released a Maya prophecy in the alt. royalty forum that he believes is soon to be fulfilled in 2012. His prophecy has been quoted in several websites. Here’s an interesting one.

The prophecy is from Lord Pakal Ahau’s paternal family as his father’s bloodline comes from the Welsch St. David. The prediction made by St. David indicates that ‘an heir to St. David will return from the East to Britain, expel the Saxons and reinstate the Celtic Rite‘.

Lord Pakal has never explained in detail this mysterious prophecy to us in the Mayan diaries, but he has said that, ‘Europe’s Celtic Druids, the direct ancestors of Maya dynasties, were nothing else than the High Priests of Israel in exile’.

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