What Happened To My Hunab-Ku?

This is an invented Maya term by Catholic missionaries to convert our polytheistic Maya population to a monotheistic religion. Surprised?

Years ago, we questioned this term in the Yahoo! 2012 theories forum because it appeared in the Motul Dictionary after the Spanish conquest. As Maya epigraphers, the term was unknown to Mayas.

In 1964, the idea appeared again in a book, ‘Hunab-Ku: Sintesis del pensamiento filosofico maya’, written by Mexican author Domingo Martinez Paredez suggesting the symbol of a circle within a square. To the best of our knowledge, the symbol was located in its rectangular form in a 1922 edition of Herbert J. Spinden’s Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America (p.220), with the caption,”Mexican textile blanket with the design representing water from spider”.


Later, in 1987 Jose Arguelles in his book, The Mayan Factor, changed the design to a circular one, presumably from the Codex Magliabecchiano. For more information click this link in Wikipedia.


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