2012 Blood Vote (Voto de Sangre)

This beautiful prophetic statement from Lord Pakal Ahau written years ago appears in the top page of his 2012 trilogy website. It is considered the reincarnation return of our Lord Pakal and embodies what his mission is for 2012 and beyond as it was conceived by the Maya scribes of the Temple of Inscriptions. A true immortal love statement for our Latino race.

(Votum Sanguinis – Voto de Sangre)

“Ancestors, true bloodline,
I ask you for your guidance.
Bring me your solace and your wisdom.
Blessed Mother, come to me in my dreams
with the Gods’ desire for my future.
Blessed Father, watch over my people
under the stars.
Let them use the land and water
and keep them safe until my return.
Whisper to them in their sleep that I live only
to hold them again and all else is dust and air.
Ancestors, true stones,
I honor you and will try to live
with the dignity you have taught me.”
– Lord Pakal Ahau, Palenque, Temple of the Inscriptions, Winter Solstice 2012 A.D. – Mexico.

– En Español –
“Antepasados, verdadera linea de sangre,
les pido su guia.
Traiganme su paz y su inteligencia.
Madre Bendita, ven a mi en mis sueños
con el deseo de los Dioses para mi futuro.
Padre Bendito, vigila a mi raza
por debajo de sus estrellas.
Dejalos usar la tierra y el agua
y mantenlos salvos hasta mi regreso.
Susurrale a ellos en sus sueños que solo vivo
para abrazarlos de nuevo
y todo lo demas es polvo y aire.
Antepasados, piedras verdaderas,
Yo los honro y tratare de vivir con la dignidad
que Uds. me han enseñado.
-Lord Pakal Ahau, Palenque, Templo de las Inscripciones, Solsticio de Invierno. 2012 A.D. Mexico.

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