Wayeb Notes 2009 on Tortuguero Monument 6 Prophecy

In regard to Lord Pakal Ahau’s decipherment of Tortuguero Monument 6, it is interesting to note *now* the confirmation of the Gronemeyer addition (2004 Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexiko: Geschichte einer klassischen Maya-Stadt, dargestellt an ihren Inschriften, Master Thesis) on page 14 of the Wayeb document No. 30 (2009), reinforcing Lord Pakal’s interpretation of what will happen in the 13th Baktun, soon to occur in 2012.

In the right-wing panel of Monument 6, Gronemeyer added the syllable IK’ as ‘black place’ while Lord Pakal added the syllable EK’ as ‘black or darkness’. For unknown reasons, it was omitted intentionally in the preliminary Gronemeyer-Stuart translation but Pakal brought the suggestion with research to our attention.

The Wayeb notes (ISSN 1379-8286), The Name of God L: B’olon Yokte’ K’uh?, was prepared in 2009 by Michael J. Grofe from American River College and can be downloaded in PDF format here. Figure 14 is the new figure that is included in the Wayeb notes.

wayebnotes30_2009The original blog post, ‘2012 Prophecy Notes on Tortuguero Monument 6’, from Lord Pakal Ahau making the interpretation in 2007 is here. The figure below is what Lord Pakal Ahau prepared for his post in 2007.


The question remains why the scholarly secrecy for all these years since the preliminary incomplete interpretation of Dr. David Stuart of University of Texas, Austin.

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