Enteogenic Considerations About 2009 Crop Circles

I sat with Lord Pakal Ahau to get his comments about a 2009 crop circle that appeared in Milk Hill, England, based on what I’ve read in different forums this week. The posts discuss the use of Mayan numbers and symbols so I presented the pictures to Lord Pakal.

His powerful observations are amazing. In less than one minute, he said, ‘I don’t see Maya symbols in the design. All that I see is people using mind-altering substances’.

Hmm…I went to search for artwork related to drug use and I found this beautiful pot bongs manufactured by a user, very similar to the latest designs used in crop circles. Here’s the comparison image for your perusal. Mystery solved!


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: We believe that not all crop circles are man-made. Some few contain true messages from extraneous entities difficult to explain. In addition, Lord Pakal Ahau has issued a Maya Anthropic Principle, which describes higher intelligence contact with humans after 26,000 years of evolution. As a SETI member, the principle is based on the famous Fermi paradox and the Drake equation. The recent mathematical calculations show a probability N equals to 0.08 civilizations in our galaxy, which is a very low number; however, simulations of an expansion indicate that it is possible for one civilization to colonize the whole galaxy in about 10 million years, a short time compared to the age of the Galaxy (ten billion years).

“It is likely that extra-terrestrial signals will be received by the instrument which has evolved over three billion years to pick up electromagnetic vibrations. The human brain itself.” – Lord Pakal Ahau. 2009.

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2 Responses to “Enteogenic Considerations About 2009 Crop Circles”

  1. dear lord pakal,

    my name is danny.
    i think i know more!!!
    i would like to speak to you soon.

    only you can contact me!
    the fields in england are pretty hey?
    a shame that all there roses died though!

    miracles wont leave this world my friend!!!

    0031 6 218 44 897

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