Lord Pakal Ahau of Palenque: A Gifted Itza Man

There is no doubt in my mind that Lord Pakal Ahau is a gifted man with visionary powers. I do not know someone else like him in the whole world and we, the members of the Pakalian Group of Mexico, are proud and fortunate to have him as our spiritual guide and leading Director.

In reviewing his initial work at alt.gossip.royalty I found this interesting message from one member of the Usenet group. It was about the death prediction that Lord Pakal made before Princess Diana died. Needless to say, it was not taken in good taste by many in the groups, but Lord Pakal went ahead and posted his accurate prediction, which he called ‘The Prophecy of Prophecies’.

The following is one of the messages I read in the Usenet group about Lord Pakal’s prediction in January 15, 1998.

“When Pakal Speaks…Wise Folks Listen”

Only one day after our Pakal , who had correctly predicted the death of the 9th Princess of Wales long before it happened , spoke of a growing demand for proof that Diana , Princess of Wales was indeed buried on the island in Althorp Park , the exact thing happened as the Vicar of the village church which had the Spencer vault opened by Althorp workers sent by Earl Spencer and yet did not allow Diana burial there due to growing concerns over the sights of millions of mourners in London turning into mobs in their small village, released the burial certificate of Diana , Princess of Wales showing her burial on the island in the Althorp Estate. It is important to remember the rest of Pakal’s words that eventually the burial would prove to be a false burial. So we must keep watch of developments of these actions and results as it is easy to insure a burial of a coffin in an island but was Diana in the coffin could also remain an issue . Once again Pakal has interpreted the signs correctly in a way that is so mystical but so modern and correct. ”

– Patricia

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: To read more what Lord Pakal Ahau wrote about the ‘Prophecy of Prophecies’ in 1997 in his initial website Maya Contact, Mr. Charles Cameron wrote a white paper for the Center of Millennial Studies entitled, ‘She Became An Icon’.  The document is here.

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