Into A Place Called 2012 Apocalypse

Now that Emmerich’s full 2012 trailers are out in the Internet, we know with more certainty that our Lord Pakal Ahau was right in prophecy years ago. The year 2012 is the event of events.

For those interested in 2012 codes, we offer this trailer shot below in photonegative format, so you can decipher the inscription engraved in the 2012 title. If your skills are not able to decipher it, we refer you to our YouTube video, La Nouveau Jette, with a 2012 prophecy made by Lord Pakal Ahau a year ago before the official trailer. Interesting, the clip was dedicated to Emmerich’s 2012 movie when he won the Sony Pictures contract. Our 2012 Maya prophecy power in action!


The 2012 movie promises spectacular CGI effects, making the return of a Hollywood director in grand style after several flops. For us, the Pakalians, 2012 has a very different meaning. We celebrate in 2012 the return of our God Kukulkan (aka Quetzalcoatl) and the sacred Christic reincarnation of Lord Pakal Ahau born after the Trinity nuclear bomb in 1952. Are these two events interconnected? We don’t know yet.


For the Anglo military culture, the Trinity test, on July 16, 1945, ‘brighter than a thousand suns’, was a spectacular success. A 6 kilogram sphere of plutonium, compressed to supercriticality by explosive lenses, exploded over the New Mexico desert with a force equal to approximately 20,000 tons of TNT. For Maya descendants and other indigenous people living in New Mexico, it represented a radioactive fallout and a tremendous quantity of radioactive dust exposing our people to a dangerous radiation from Ground Zero. The American government never had plans to evacuate families within a radius of 100 miles from the nuclear test.

That is the inscription meaning of our prophetic title in this article (And He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Apocalypse. Rev. 16:16); however, to celebrate the 2012 theme evolution in 2009, I have made a vector design for our tees with a similar font to the 2012 poster, sort of mechanical font. Maybe we are ending the Age of Industrial Revolution and Mechanical Engines. I think the 2012 movie will be remembered by its font title everywhere. Click the red link to order this interesting item and other Maya designs in a variety of background colors. Learn more with our original designs and collect your treasures.  We are experts in Maya epigraphy and thanks Lord Pakal for deciphering the 2012 code. You are awesome!!


We leave the reader with a recent quote from our Lord Pakal Ahau.

‘ Read all the books you can get about the future. And leaving planet Earth. And finding immortality. And contacting higher intelligence because in 2012 you will pray for the damned.’ – Lord Pakal Ahau. 2009.

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