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There is a Maya phrase in the Popol Vuh that always make me think we are not alone in the Universe. At the beginning of the book, the anonymous writer refers to ‘Gods trapped by the stars.’ Almost like the evolution of our mankind has been trapped in this planet for thousands of years.

Now that I study some of the messages in crop circles, this thought has become more relevant to our visible presence in the Universe. Some of the designs are intricate formations and their geometric perfection alone should tell you one thing: we are not alone in the Universe.

My favorite one is the Mayan wheel that was reported in Silsbury Hill in 2004 because it resembles our Mayan designs found in the Puuc architecture and the torus inside the circle reminds me of the great Hunab-Ku symbol. I don’t want to describe the design in mathematical terms and matrices. Let the experts tell you is full of flaws. I can only say how wrong they are in their conclusions.


If anyone tells you they are manmade, let your intuition be the judge. Try with a pencil and paper to reproduce the diagrams and you’ll see how difficult is to sketch them with the right elements and angles. I cannot even imagine where to start the diagram in a barley field and not make mistakes. Have you ever wonder what was the artist inspiration to make a perfect Aztec solar calendar of 12 feet diameter and 24 tons weight? Why there is only one in the world?

For those interested, I made the Mayan formation (it took me three days to make it right after tossing out multiple sketches) for our 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store. Click the red link and order this precious item based on the message of the Mayan wheel.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In addition to Lucy Pringle’s website dedicated to crop circles, a good alternative is to visit Colin Andrews’ website with information alerts. Mr. Andrews is an electrical engineer from the U.K., has been researching the crop circle phenomenon since 1983.

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