2012 Movie – Wrong symbol in teaser trailer

Mr. Emmerich, what the heck an Aztec symbol is doing in the trailer when the movie synopsis in the official website says the end of the world is according to the Maya calendar?


Aztec History 101. The 4 Ollin Aztec symbol belongs to the Aztec Calendar Stone (Cuauhxicalli), a 12-foot diameter, 25-ton stone carved in 1479, long after the Maya demise. circa 950 AD. The symbol is not in the Maya cosmology. Maya decipherment refers to 4 Ahau, the 13th Baktun, or 4 Ahau 3 Kankin as the End of the Long Count and the New Beginning in the Maya calendar. Read our previous post and send it to your historical movie consultant. See center of the Aztec Sun Stone below. It’s not funny to know Hollywood appropriates whatever cultural icons fit in C-movies as in catastrophe to attract ignorant viewers.


The human face represents our Aztec solar god, Ollín Tonatiuh. The four squarish panels within the Ollin symbol depict the four cosmological epochs thought to have preceded the current era of the Aztec empire. During each of these, the gods struggled to nurture mankind on Earth only to be defeated by a catastrophe. The date and nature of each cosmic holocaust is given in the panels: 4 Jaguar, 4 Wind, 4 Rain, and 4 Water—the numeral 4 being a bad omen.

The 4 Nahui Ollin symbol falls on December 21, 2012 coincidentally but also comes around every 9 months in the Aztec calendar. Our conclusion. We assume you’re a potential candidate for Aztec sacrifice so that your heart and blood can please our Aztec solar god Ollin Tonatiuh on December 21, 2012 and alleviate Hollywood mistakes.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: As in Apocalypto, director Mel Gibson also confused our Maya culture with the Aztecs. It seems Hollywood does not get the distinction between Mesoamerican cultures. However, we have hope the 2012 audience will enjoy this movie with apocalyptic CGI effects and prepare themselves for the real 2012 event. Click the red link to download the trailers in HD format. In addition, the Pakalian Group of Mexico wants to make clear that we do not support religious cults or Emmerich’s inappropriate inclusion of CNN clips of mass suicide in Guatemala or any other country in his ‘2012’ movie or trailers. The 1978 cult leader, Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, who led to the death of his 900 followers has been banned in three Central American governments.


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