The Mayan Glyphs That Will Shake The World In 2012

In addition to the 2012 Fatidic Mayan Glyph that Lord Pakal Ahau discovered on the stone lid of King Hanab Pakal’s sarcophagus representing the mysterious Underground Kingdom of Xibalba, we are concerned as Mayan epigraphers with two important glyphs in the Long Count calendar.

They are 4 Ahau 3 Kankin, which represent December 23, 2012, the beginning of the new Maya calendar or the new cycle of 5200 tuns for the Long Count indicating

Knowing this time concept from our Maya ancestors, we made this great vector design for our fans, the ones who will survive 2012. We are sure there will be many in the world waiting for this day.

The print can be ordered in tees in our 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store in a variety of background colors. Click the red link to visit this section. See you on December 23, 2012!


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One Response to “The Mayan Glyphs That Will Shake The World In 2012”

  1. The Myth of Time is the 2012 prophesy straight from
    source. Filmed over 5 years in Guatemala, it is the
    unwritten chapter of the Popol Vuh. Compared to
    great cult classics El Topo, Aguirre, and Dreams.

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