The Gate – 2012 Enigma Music?

We bought recently the last CDs of the Enigma Project Group and the first track included in the CD title, The Screen Behind The Mirror, got our attention.

It is about the Moon. Perhaps as The Gate as Michael Cretu entitled the track. The lyrics include astronomical data of the Moon, however the data does not come from NASA. Interesting, because we are tired of NASA cover-ups and lies as Richard Hoagland demonstrates in his website.

Here’s the text of track one called The Gate, song and music composed by Michael Cretu, including the intro of Carmina Burana, a 12th Century manuscript with music composed by Carl Orff at the end of the track.

The Gate (M. Cretu. 1999)

” Closest approach to earth
34,600,000 miles

Mean distance from the sun
141,600,000 miles

Period of rotation around the sun
1.88089 years

Sidereal rotation period
24 hours,37 minutes, 22.66 seconds

Mean surface atmospheric temperature
-23 degrees

Visual albedo

Pole star BD 52
Degrees 2880

Official magnitude at mean opposition



Latin Extract From Carmina Burana
“O Fortuna
Velut luna
Statu variabilis…”
” O Fortune
Like the moon
You are changeable” )


Inclination for equator
24.936 degrees

Gravitational escape velocity
3121 miles per hour

Inclination from equator…”

It seems soon we will see a 2012 CD from Enigma. I’m quite sure given the world hype from the media and entertainment business.

More interesting facts that come to my mind. In our Maya video collection we finally produced 2012 In Trutina with background music from Carl Orff. This beautiful video describes Lord Pakal Ahau’s spiritual ritual-wedding with Maya virgin Guadalupe of Tonantzin in 2005 in front of the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. According to Pakal, this ceremony established the Mayan Hierogamy Sacred Doctrine to fulfill the 2012 Prophecy. The music chosen by Lord Pakal came also from Carmina Burana from track 25 and 26, In Trutina (Between Love and Chastity) and Tempus Est Iocondum (Pleasant Is The Season).

Finally, if Enigma decides to produce the 2012 CD it will be hard to improve Greek artist Vangelis’ Maya Oratorium in six movements, entitled Mask released in 1985 with 2012 influence, but we are looking forward to see Cretu’s ideas. Our project in a near future will be to produce a 2012 video with the first movement of this Vangelis’ album.


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