Lord Pakal Ahau – From 1952 To 2012

This article commemorates the 57th anniversary of the discovery of King Hanab Pakal’s tomb on June 15, 1952. When Lord Pakal Ahau decided to enter in the world of Internet publicly, he said it was a hard decision for him to reveal his presence. At that time in 1987, visionary writer Jose Arguelles claimed to be a reincarnation of King Hanab Pakal, and we think that statement motivated Lord Pakal Ahau to tell the world about a true reincarnation and the sacred prophecy of a Maya king.

Based on what we know through all these years of esoterical research, the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees never stopped their plans, even after the Kahlay of the Spanish Conquest, in producing the dream prophecy, a true genetic reincarnation of King Pakal, and slowly through hundreds of years the group designed a plan that was called Plan Tzakol B, tracking Jewish and Maya lineages in Europe and Mesoamerica.

The concept was based in a simple premise that ancient Maya kings and families came to Mesoamerica from a migration of ancient Jewish tribes in exile. More specifically, King Hanab Pakal’s genetic line came from the tribe of Juda, Solomon’s family and his son King David. The general concept is also postulated in the Mormon religion as well and documented by Mormon scholars in their journals of religion and anthropology.

It was 1950, during the era of the Trinity nuclear bomb, when the Order of Chilam Balam contacted the Director of the Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico. And in 1952, with the help of British Freemason groups, it seems Plan Tzakol B was finalized and Maya members of the Order of Chilam Balam proceeded to execute the plan, after identifying the right genome of the paternal Davidic Jewish family and the maternal Kinich Maya family. The result was the sacred marriage of the new Pakal’s parents.

Meanwhile, through the intervention of Dr. Ruz L’huillier, a French-born archaeologist who changed his citizenry in Mexico, and then Director of the Instituto of Antropologia e Historia, a birth date of the new Pakal was established perhaps probably by Dr. L’huillier as he had been working in Palenque since 1950, and finalizing his discovery notes of the most famous Maya king ever, King Hanab Pakal.

Dr L’huillier believed that at the time he would make his famous discovery publicly, a true reincarnation of a Maya king would be possible too based on what he learned from the original plans of Maya priests of the Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees. To his surprise, he was destined to discover the tomb of King Hanab Pakal, the 8 Ahau as the Order of Chilam Balam knew hundreds of years ago and the Maya priests knew when the Order contacted Ruz L’huillier.


In Dr L’huillier’s exploration notes of 1952, we can read his excitement about the discovery of King Pakal’s tomb. L’huillier wrote, ‘“Out of the dim shadows emerged a vision from a fairy tale, a fantastic, ethereal sight from another world. It seemed a huge magic grotto carved out of ice, the walls sparkling and glistening like snow crystals. Delicate festoons of stalactites hung like tassels of a curtain, and the stalagmites on the floor looked like drippings from a great candle. The impression, in fact, was that of an abandoned chapel. Across the walls marched stucco figures in low relief. Then my eyes sought the floor. This was almost entirely filled with a great carved stone slab, in perfect condition.’

That was June 1952. Three months later, after devising a plan to move the colossal carved stone slab, Ruz L’huillier was ready when the magic happened. It was a dark rainy day, just before noon when the stone lid was moved.

Then, the inevitable occurred. Through the space moved, Ruz L’huillier, armed with a flashlight, saw the bones of a mummy and seconds later, at 11:55 am, a big earthquake happened and a flood filled the funerary chamber almost completely. Ruz L’huillier commented in the conference that he was fortunate to escape the event with his team. The new Pakal was being born in Palenque and Ruz L’huillier knew that the birth reincarnation of the 8 Ahau had been fulfilled.

From his own words in the journal L’huillier says, ‘In Palenque, this divinity attached to the cross of life represents a motive of hope for mortals, a symbol of resurrection and eternity. The continuity of cosmic life and life that emerges from death.’

In the interest of Lord Pakal Ahau’s life, we made an astrological chart of his birth date, August 22, 1952, that we posted in the trilogy website of Lord Pakal years ago.

In there, you can observe different events in his birth reincarnation. A grand trine, a perfect 60-degrees pyramid with the King’s crown inside the triangle and at the top represented by the Sun and flanked by Venus and Pluto. Swiss anthropologist Dr. Rafael Girard explained this divine esoteric concept of bringing the new Man-God, the one who will speak according to the Mayan doctrine as the God of Compassion. The God-13, the genetic perfection of the True Human Being who is also the paradigm of the spiritually blessed, enlightened man who sacrifices himself for humanity. Chiron was the symbol that Lord Pakal Ahau chose to represent his life.


And from the 2012 general chart, we included the Sabian symbols to extract the solar symbolism and compare them with Lord Pakal Ahau’s life chart at the moment of ascension in the Global Chart of 2012 with the Sun at the top also. The meaning of the Sun according to the Sabian symbols is “AN INDIAN KING BRINGS THE THRONE OF GOD TO THE ASSEMBLED ANCIENT TRIBE.” Like our Lord Pakal Ahau. consider yourself very lucky that you have been born in this era to experience the event of all cosmic events on Earth and you can tell to your family descendants about 2012.


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  1. Rednowdik.

    Pakal’s Daughter married John of st patmos son and brought them To Europe and hide the Bloodline. The bloodline Has been Hidden.

    Look up Rednowdik on youtube.com Testament of the lion.

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