2012 Hopi Sun Mystery

This is a beautiful vector rendition of our 2012 Hopi Sun. The design is a mystery because it is found engraved on the shiny marbled floor surface of an American government facility where the reactors are installed. And is the main symbol you encounter at the entrance if the officials permit public access to the colossal Westinghouse turbines.

According to Lord Pakal Ahau, it is the only place in America, designed in the 30’s years, with the 2012 timeline prophecy and an amazing galactic star map marking Earth history and main galaxies passing through Egyptian pyramids construction to Jesus Christ appearance until American independence on July 4th 1776 to the End of 2012. A truly amazing visual record of 26,000 years. And we guess the 2012 sun symbol came from the Hopi tribe, from whom the land was taken by the American government. (Sorry, Dan Brown. The 26,000-yr precession cycle of Earth ending in 2012 as an aligned astronomical event will happen in Nevada and not in Washington, D.C. as your current novel predicts).

We don’t want to give too much details about Lord Pakal’s discovery and spoil our teaser post but here’s one image of the galactic star map.


Currently, Lord Pakal Ahau is writing an article that will be posted in our blog, probably next month. What and how our Lord Pakal knew about this 2012 alignment with Earth’s rotation axis in America is also a mystery to us. Presently, the vernal equinox is in the constellation Pisces, and slowly approaching Aquarius. This is the origin of the Age of Aquarius celebrated in the musical Hair as the beginning of a harmonic period. Anyway, we just finished scanning the images taken by Lord Pakal years ago. The Hopi design is available in our 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store in apparel for men, women and kids. Click the red link to order the item.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Now we understand why Lord Pakal Ahau will be celebrating 2012 in Death Valley, California, with the Timbisha-Shoshone reservation tribe, and not at Chichen Itza on December 21, 2012, performing the Great New Fire Ritual of 2012. His prophetic decisions are so well determined with nothing left to coincidence. A truly Maya perfectionist. Brrr…it’s going to be cold in Death Valley and under zero temperatures but no complaints from the Pakalian Group. Anyone to spare a good military survival jacket?


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