The Year 2012 In Maya Numbers

We were asked to construct a mathematical diagram of the year 2012 with Maya numbers as Mayas used hundreds of years ago. From this starting point, we used an excellent Maya calendar calculator, written by Mr. Michael Finley. You can download the software for free in his website. For Maya students, it has great features if you want to study the Maya calendar and correlations with the actual Western (Gregorian) calendar.

We divided the diagram in two sections. The yellow section is a matrix 5 x 5 as Mayans used to calculate numbers and calendar cycles. We will not delve into the matrix calculations but you can think of our Maya calendar constructed with five levels of time, each level corresponds to a cycle. Each black bar has a value of 5 and each black dot has a value of 1. In this case, Mayans gave a pertinent name to each level of time: Baktuns, Katuns, Tuns, Winals and Kins. In addition, the bottom level was used to name the Table of the Tzolkin and the Table of the Haab. The Tzolkin is a submatrix 13 x 20 and the Haab is a submatrix 19 x 19 to name days and months. From the main matrix, we conclude that the year 2012 is 12 Baktuns, 19 Katuns, 19 Tuns, 17 Winals, 18 Kins, 2 Etz’nab and 1 K’ank’in. In Maya numbers this is written as to express the Long Count time coordinates, which ends in December 21, 2012. There is one caveat because we accept the Thompson correlation constant (1929) equals to 584285 and our Creation Date starts on August 13, 3114 BC. This reference data is the most preferred by archaeologists and epigraphers.

The brown section is taken from Mr. Finley’s calendar, Burden of Time, where you can see the same numbers associated with the Maya glyphs. Usually, this mathematical technique was the preferred method by Maya carvers to build the stelas and commemorate dates.


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