Who will survive 2012? – Official Movie Site

We are amazed how the 2012 phenomenon has reached epic proportions in the minds of believers and non-believers. Day after day, we discover new sites in the Internet like 2012Feedables. com gathering 2012 information from articles and videos all over the world. Not even Lord Pakal Ahau, when he emerged from his young transition period in 1980, would imagine that 2012 would be taken in so many directions. When young Mexican-born Lord Pakal, after arriving from Nepal to Palenque, told us about the last Mayan Prophecy, we were skeptical of his words and his New Mesoamerican Mythology. Today, it seems his words are part of a great prophecy, which is destined to be fulfilled soon. In 2009, and probably in 2012, concepts like the Gates of Xibalba, the Dark Rift, the Great Cosmic Alignment, 2012 Tortuguero prophecy, and the end of the Mayan Matrix Calendar will resonate among many.

We will even watch a 2012 film in November 2009, auguring the End of the World as 2012 Doomsday. We visited the official movie site and found an interesting story that seems even related to Lord Pakal, when he was a young man studying ancient astronomy and meditation in the Himalayas mountain system with Buddhist monks. Will Pakal’s prophetic words come true? Today, he is a quiet and silent man waiting for his destiny and realization of the last Mayan Prophecy of all times. And, we guess the question now is relevant to all of us, Who Will Survive 2012?


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